Nora Pykkonnen :: President & CEO

Nora_Pykkonen-150x150Nora purchased Echo Mountain in 2012 and after running is as the private Front Range Ski Club for a few years, she is now excited to open it back up to the public. An Evergreen resident she is proud to be bringing an economic driver back to the community.

Bob Gregory :: Director of Operations

Bob_Gregory-150x150Bob grew up skiing and racing in Pennsylvania. He participated in downhill night races at Seven Springs using only hay bales for protection with no helmet. Bob holds a PHD in biochemistry and has 25 year of extensive construction experience which has been vital to helping front range ski club with its operations. Bob was a competition coordinator at Loveland Ski area for 3 years and is a USSA technical delegate. Bob’s daughter Sarah is 22 years old and has raced her entire life. She will be participating in races this year at our mountain.

Eric Johnstone :: Mountain Operations

EJ has a long history in the Colorado Ski Industry.Head of Vehicle Maintenance, Slope Preparation, and Snowmaking – Loveland Ski Area October 2007 – July 2012. In charge of assembling crews and materials for injection efforts at Loveland Nor-ams. He participated in course preparation at 2010 Whistler Olympic Games. He helped facilitate post season training with addition of salt spreader. EJ is an integral part of our staff and the primary reason why our surface is always World-Class.

Nick Woodward :: Marketing Director

Nick as worked on various Front Range Ski Club and Echo Mountain projects. This year he joins the team as the marketing director. He maintains our website and is working to outreach to the community and make them aware the mountain is again open to the public.