Terrain Based Learning Video


Echo Mountain Resort offers Terrain Based Learning where learning how to ski and snowboard is all about the fun. This type of program allows all guests that walk through the door at Echo Mountain to feel comfortable and supported by our team. Our staff will start with a prep station before they hop on the snow. This is intended to set expectations and understandings of how the day will proceed. After the prep, it’s onto the snow.

Terrain Based Learning is for everyone, from kids to adults and those kids at heart. Our terrain offers five different stages that beginners will go through that will allow them to enjoy enjoying the process while making skiing and snowboarding as seamless as possible.










First, the guest will start off in the Flats. This is where they get moving and balanced on their new skies and snowboards. From here, they will follow the process of the Terrain built for learning.

Mini Pipe


Friendly terrain lets you focus on developing balance, range of motion and control while sliding. When students slide for the first time, they can easily see that the wall on the other side will bring them to a stop. This automatically reduces, or even eliminates, the fear factor, and students therefore can focus solely on the sensations of sliding.

The Rollers


Gently rolling terrain naturally controls your speed. The Rollers have a smooth transition shape to provide an eased stop and return giving riders the ability to ride the fall line while experiencing acceleration and deceleration.

Banked Turns


Gentle banked turns assist you in making your first turns.  This feature helps riders feel direction change without needing a large amount of edge control.

Perfect Slope


The last phase in the program is the Perfect Slope which emulates a ski run, yet still possesses gentle banks on each side of the run. The rider can initiate and finish turns without worrying about skiing or snowboarding off of the edge of the run.